Synthetic Thermic Fluids

Nirmal Energy Limited is associated with Solutia Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai a fully owned subsidiary of Eastman Chemicals Co. USA and deals with the THERMINOL range of Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluids for heating, cooling and heat recovery. The Therminol family of heat and heat transfer fluids features products that can meet the operating needs of virtually any single or multiple heat-using systems. In properly designed systems, heat transfer fluids will perform within their respective temperature ranges for extended periods without breakdown or corrosion. As a user’s process temperature demands change there is always a Therminol fluid capable of meeting the new requirements. In addition, Therminol fluids are often interchangeable allowing conversion by a simple top-up procedure where this is preferred. Nirmal Energy Limited is dealing with three basic fluids of synthetic heat transfer:


Therminol 55

Therminol 59

Therminol FF