HVAC Pumps

Nirmal Energy Limited offers a new line of pumps and systems for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry. It’s new full line, end suction, vertical in-line and horizontal split-case pumps, engineered products and system accessories are specifically designed for performance and reliability in all HVAC systems. The company is also offering a complete line of Grundfos pre-engineered packaged systems, utilizing various pump types, which are packaged to an as-needed basis to meet the needs of owners and engineers.


Nirmal Energy Limited offers a complete range of pumps to cater for heating systems of all sizes. All of these pumps are available as electronic speed-controlled solutions – pumps which automatically vary the output:

  1. Reducing energy costs dramatically
  2. Minimizing noise
  3. Ensuring that the pump always operates according to system conditions
  4. Without compromising lifetime and reliability


Air Conditioning

Nirmal Energy Limited can provide the right Grundfos pump for an air-conditioning system of any size. The comprehensive range of dry-runner pumps extends from both heavy-duty end-suction workhorses to highly refined in-line circulator pumps. All models can be supplied as electronic speed-controlled versions automatically regulating the flow to suit changing daily and seasonal demand.