Maxothermie®-550 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid intended for use in the liquid phase for indirect process heating. Maxothermie-550 offers increased thermal and oxidation stability that translates into more efficient heat transfer, longer fluid life and optimum operating economies.
Maxothermie-550 has an optimum economic bulk operating range of -10° C to 305°C. It can be used to an extended bulk temperature of 315° C. Maxothermie-550 exhibits thermal stability markedly superior to that of mineral oils used for the same purpose. Liquid phase systems using Maxothermie-550 find use in applications traditionally using steam as a heating medium resulting in capital, operation and maintenance cost-savings.

Long Life
Maxothermie-550 is a true 315° C fluid, delivering years of reliable, cost effective performance, even during continuous system operation at 305° C. The chemical composition of Maxothermie-550 is the latest chemistry which has been carefully selected to minimize the formation of low boilers and eliminate the risk of insoluble high cleaning solvents for aviation and an integrated family of nylon products including high performance polymers and fibers.

The unique composition of Maxothermie-550 resists the effects of oxidation 10 times better than mineral oils. Less oxidation means less solids formation and much less fouling. For systems without nitrogen inerting, the performance advantages are significant.

Maxothermie-550 is compatible will all types of mineral oils and can be added or mixed in all proportions with mineral oils.

Maxothermie-550 finds applications in process heating chambers in textiles, plywood, heating of calendar rolls, tracing of lines at storage terminals, process heating for chemical industry and waste heat recovery systems.