Retrofits & Revamp

Nirmal Energy Limited is also engaged in retrofitting and revamping of various heating equipment enabling to fuel change, Oil / GAS Conversion, Efficiency Enhancement, upgrading technology, increase the productivity and to save the energy. The company offers state- of- the –art technology products to serve you with bundle of products and value added products and services.

Some of the services which Nirmal Energy Limited offers:

Retrofitting of heating Equipment with Oil / Gas / Dual Fuel Baltur Burners for various applications

Fuel Change and conversion for Boilers, Heaters, Hot Water Boilers, Air Heaters, and Ovens etc

Upgrades of Burners / Heating Equipment to latest technologies and High efficiency Burners

Gas Conversions for Paint Booths, Surface Coating Plants, Boilers, Heaters and Process Heat Equipment

Conversion of Lead melting Rotary Ovens, Biscuit Ovens, Bakery Ovens and Furnaces

Appliance Performance Enhancement and efficiency optimization

Accessories like Ring Main Systems, Fuel Filtering Units, Fuel Pumping Units etc

Project Techno- Commercial feasibility study and Reports