Gas Burners

Nirmal Energy Limited offers wide range of BALTUR make Gas Burner featuring various advanced features and latest O2 /CO control. with several executions.  The sliding / hinged flange permitting the burner to be adjusted / swiveled on both sides ensures optimum settings and maximum accessibility of all components. This gas gun burner has fan with higher static pressure and lower dynamic pressure make certain the high energy efficiency of  electric motor.

Burner’s head is removable and has multi gas nozzle head with baffle plate, ignition electrode, UV-flame sensor and gas control flap. IGas Burners are with different technologies and version such as single stage, two stage, mechanical, Pneumatic, Electronic Modulation  by  appropriate  air-fuel compound regulation and controls and electric servomotor. All gas burners are available with the Low NOx, CO emission combustion head and internal flue gas re-circulation system for a low NOx combustion of fuel  gas. These burners are also offered with  necessary burner control system . The turn down ratio for these gas burners can be achieved up to 1:10.