Therminol 59

Therminol 59 is a synthetic, liquid phase heat transfer fluid with excellent low-temperature pumping characteristics (pumpable at -560 F), yet thermally stable to allow 3150 C bulk temperature use. Therminol 59 is ideally suited for both heating and cooling applications between -500 F and 3150 C. Therminol 59 is non-corrosive to metal commonly used in the design of heat transfer systems.

Systems using Therminol 59 fluid should be blanketed with an inert atmosphere. Inert gas blanketing minimizes fluid oxidation and helps maximize fluid life. When Therminol 59 is used above its normal boiling point, the expansion tank should be capable of operating at a pressure of at least one atmosphere of inert gas. Moderate pressure at high operating temperatures suppresses localized boiling and provides adequate suction to the pump, avoiding potential pump cavitation problems. This practice helps provide smooth, trouble free system operation when using Therminol 59 near the recommended maximum temperature. A system pressure – relief device also should be provided.