Therminol FF

Therminol FF is a key component of a low cost alternative to chemically cleaning a heat transfer system containing severely degraded or contaminated organic heat transfer fluid. Deposits from oxidized, thermally degraded or contaminated fluid can foul interior surfaces, making it necessary to clean the system prior to charging with new fluid.

Therminol FF is a synthetic hydrocarbon with a high flash point and initial boiling point, making it much safer to use.

Due to its high boiling point Therminol FF can be safely heated up to 1600 C while circulating in the system to increase its strong solvent action and overall effectiveness as a cleaning fluid

Small amounts of Therminol FF left in the system will be miscible and compatible with most organic heat transfer fluids. This compatibility factor means less downtime. Water based cleaning solutions add costly drying time to a clean-out procedure, creating additional chance for contamination. Therminol FF eliminates drying, the significantly reducing the length of the procedure.