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Nirmal Energy Limited offers wide range of reliable burners for all industrial applications from Baltur SpA., Italy. Nirmal Energy Limited is an Authorised Marketing Associates and Business Partner for their OIL / GAS / DUAL FUEL Burners and Heating Systems for Indian Sub-continent. Adding performance to the industry, the company looks beyond reliability with total cost of ownership, high efficiency of energy, low pollutions and quality of sales and services. The company is providing industries with stronger, more flexible and more intelligent burners and heating solutions. Its expertise ranges from basic oil burners to dual fuel burners to total heating solutions featuring maximum turn down ratio.

General features of these burners are:

Our Products:

  • Gas Burners 
  • Light Oil Burnwrs
  • Heavy Oil Burners
  • Dual Fuel: Gas / Light Oil Burners
  • Dual Fuel:  Gas / Heavy Oil Burners
  • Dual Block Burners in all above options